PRODUCT DESIGN / Turn your ideas into reality

The preliminary technical designs are created in our design studio. From the outset we understand your requirements and use the latest CAD software to visualise the product. At this stage it’s possible to rotate and explore every aspect of the design, you just can’t physically touch anything.

At the point where we are all comfortable that the design meets the requirements specified, a prototype is built. This will be used for testing the functional aspects of the product. The results will enable the designs to be refined before entering the manufacturing process.


If you have a part or product that you need to re-manufacture, but don’t have the manufacturing drawings or documentation, then our reverse engineering service can help.

we scan your parts to produce 3D CAD models and the manufacturing drawings derived from them. This is ideal for complex, smaller parts where accuracy is vital.

For larger parts we use hand-measuring techniques to generate 3D models and 2D assembly drawings.

These 3D models can help you; re-manufacture a part, further develop a part already used in production or even design and manufacture a new product.


We help our customers at each and every requirement of prototyping, starting from from proof of concept (mock-ups) to functional prototypes.
Our engineering expertise provide us the leverage to engage with our customers right from the beginning with conception stage to the end with final testing of prototypes.

  • Mock-up Prototypes
  • Form and Fit Prototypes
  • Functional prototypes
  • Batch Production


We fully understand the criticality of keeping Product development information confidential. We sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with our vendors and customers. Data transfer is carried out over a secure FTP which has state of the art firewall and intrusion protection software.

Industrial Solutions and Innovation

  • Equipment Need Repair or Calibration?
  • Industrial Training and skill development
  • Industrial Machinery Sales & Rentals
  • Industrial Consumables Sales

Next Steps...

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