Design Development & Prototyping




Functional Prototypes

Custom Prototypes

3D Printing & More

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Homologation Consultency Services

Homologation Support for 2W, 3W, 4W, Comercial vehicles, construction vehicles, and automotive components.

ARAI, ICAT, VRDE, CIRT Approval Support

Project support work for battery operated vehicles, Hybrid electric system and bench marking.

Sourcing support in china and India

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EV Battery Manufacturing

Development of  12V to 72V Battery Pack for Various Applications

Lithium ion Battery pack for electric vehicle

LifePo4 Battery pack for electric vehicle


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Why SWT??

Skywalk Technology is a specialized engineering service company known for its Mechanical, CAD, Reverse Engineering Services which serves globally. Built upon a vision, to provide ease to customers with efficient engineering and eminent design process. SWT also improves the competitiveness by developing through domain expertise, technology, and solutions. Our engineers effortlessly fit in into our customer’s in-house engineering and product development team such that customer feels us as a literally virtual extension of their enterprise. We provide engineering services like mechanical CAD services, CAE (computer aided engineering), Prototype development, Reverse engineering.
Looking at constantly changing technologies, SWT provides different platforms of engineering software, where idea meets technology.
By outsourcing engineering services, our customers can be updated without having hassle of managing design back office and can focus on actual product development. It will help them to remain competitive in market due to faster product development.


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